Singles Workshop – Keeping the Love You Find

singles-workshopKeeping the Love You Find: A Workshop for Singles

Workshops run over a weekend, Sat/Sun

If you have struggled with maintaining a long-term relationship or find it difficult to cultivate the connection you need in your romantic life, Keeping The Love You Have singles workshops in Washington DC may help you find joy again in dating and romance.

Finding a connection, dating and strengthening a romantic bond in today’s fast, complex world can be hectic and can leave you unfulfilled. Each person seeks different goals in a relationship and has different physical, emotional and mental needs that they may find hard to translate in a partnership. The PC & CC/The Imago Center provides constructive workshops to help singles identify their needs, communicate with prospective partners and keep connections that enrich their lives. Keeping The Love You Have workshops benefits heterosexual, same-sex and divorced individuals seeking long-lasting personal fulfillment.

The workshop focuses on challenges, exercises and concerns most common and relevant to today’s single people over a two-day development class. Register conveniently online to participate in this workshop and call for more information.

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