relationship-educationIn addition to our weekend workshop for couples, The Imago Center presents Start Right Stay Connected and Keeping the Love You Find relationship education seminars, ideal for both community and faith-based organizations. Check our Events listing to find and register for upcoming seminars, or work in partnership with us to offer these seminars in your community. Contact us for more information or to schedule a seminar.

Start Right

The Ceremony is just the beginning…

The Start Right, Stay Connected workshop is a pro-active way to start a life-long commitment consciously and lay the groundwork for happy and healthy years ahead.  This Seminar applies to all couples in the process of making a life commitment to each other.  Imago professionals will educate couples who participate in this one-day Seminar about:

  • Relationship stages – from romantic love to the power struggle then to vintage love
  • Questions to ask before saying “I do”
  • Creating a relationship vision
  • Using the Imago Dialogue before and after the ceremony to stay connected
  • Follow-up resources for continued connection

We have several premarital/precommitment workshops scheduled – please see our events listing for dates and details!

Stay Connected

Falling in love is the easy part… it’s staying in love that’s the real adventure!

Our Imago Connects Seminar is a lively and educational introduction to the basics of Imago Theory, an internationally recognized method of supporting people who desire a conscious and successful relationship. Both individuals and couples are encouraged to attend.  During this three-hour course, participants will learn:

  • Why we are attracted to certain people
  • The stages of a relationship
  • How the brain works “on love”
  • Defensive behaviors & reactivity
  • The basics of the Imago Dialogue – mirror,  validate, empathize

Keep Connecting

The “quickening of my spirit at your sight”…

The Couplehood seminars combine real-life examples with simple exercises to give you the tools you need to transform your relationship.  The six-session class is led by an Imago professional and includes educational components, real-life practice and DVD lessons. The course offers the opportunity to restore and deepen connection for couples, both within their partnership and for the group of couples who gather.

All of these programs will help couples:

  • Learn a new way to talk and a new way to listen.
  • Co-create a relationship vision.
  • Acquire the skills to manifest this vision.
  • Discover the uniqueness of one’s spouse.
  • Uncover the opportunities for emotional healing and personal growth.
  • Benefit from the experience of other couples while maintaining privacy.

For upcoming seminars, please see our events listing

All Seminar materials are produced by Imago Relationships International and are based on Imago Couples Counseling as created by Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt.

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