Professional Training in Imago Theory for Non-Therapist Professionals

The new Imago Community Educator track has been created for individuals or couples who have experienced Imago in their own lives and want to teach relationship education and work with groups of people rather than do licensed clinical work.  Training and certification as a Community Educator often appeals to partners of Imago therapists, clergy members, mediators, couples in Imago therapy who are passionate about our process, lawyers, doctors, social work students, retired teachers, and former clients.

To become a community educator, attend the Imago Certified Community Educator Training.  This four-day training allows the new Educator to teach four Imago Relationships International relationship education Seminars: “Imago Connects,” “Start Right, Stay Connected,” “Couplehood,” and “Through Conflict to Connection.”  Read more about these educational offerings on our Relationship Education page.

Imago Community Educator Training is led by Rebecca Sears.  Rebecca is passionate about the potential for Imago Educators to reach a broad and diverse audience of people who may benefit from Imago. She is also excited about the many possibilities that exist regarding Imago therapists and educators working together.

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