Spotlight on Lena Aburdene, MS

Lena Aburdene can be a little impatient with the slow pace of the therapeutic process. As a new counselor at PC&CC/The Imago Center, she admits that her strong desire to help others causes her to want to help solve problems right away. “Sometimes that’s just not possible,” she explains. “Counseling … Continue reading

Spotlight on Ginny Graham, MS

The counselors working at The Imago Center do not take their therapeutic knowledge for granted. From advanced trainings to personal study initiatives, they are always learning new ways to help their clients. Ginny Graham is no exception, and she says it’s the agency’s openness to learning that makes it a … Continue reading

Spotlight on Robert Gordon, MS, MA

Today’s fast-paced culture often doesn’t lend itself to the slow work of counseling. PC&CC’s Robert Gordon admits that his own impatience kept him out of the counseling world for a number of years, preferring organizational work. “With individuals, I sometimes find it challenging that each client has their own process, … Continue reading

Spotlight on Beret Moyer, MS

With 19 therapists working out of 12 churches in the greater Washington, DC, area, it can be a challenge for PC&CC/Imago Center staff members to really connect. But Beret Moyer sees this as a minor obstacle, balanced by the tremendous benefits of being in community with other like-minded counselors. One … Continue reading

Cindy Bare, MA.: Therapist Spotlight

Several years ago, Cindy Bare left a career in the legal industry to stay at home with her first child. But having experienced several episodes of intense grief in her life — including the death of a parent, a divorce, and infertility in her second marriage — she realized that … Continue reading

Spotlight on Roberta Martin, RN, MS, LCPC

With 32 years of marriage, five children, and a counseling career spanning 20 years, Roberta Martin knows a thing or two about real life. “I haven’t just read a book about some of this stuff,” she says. “I’m not trying to provide services on something I don’t know that much … Continue reading

Spotlight on Dr. Joanne Comstock, Ph.D., LCPC

Many therapists following the private practice model — sitting with individual clients and couples once a week — lament the isolating aspects of their work arrangement. PC&CC’s Dr. Joanne Comstock has found the antidote to this situation, by balancing her time between seeing clients and teaching a crop of new … Continue reading

Spotlight on Kevin Berrill, LICSW

When Kevin Berrill decided to become a psychotherapist, he knew he wanted to work in a collaborative setting, one that offered a balance of client-centered work, personal autonomy, and community. “I wanted to be part of an agency that is socially conscious, spiritually sensitive, holistic in its approach, and attuned … Continue reading

Spotlight on Robert Gordon, MS, MA

Career change is a popular topic in therapists’ offices. Many clients come to counseling beaten down by their professions, often forgetting the reasons they were initially drawn to those jobs, and how their own unique skills seemed like a good match for such an environment once upon a time. In … Continue reading

Spotlight on Nathan Gehlert, PhD Candidate, LPC

Nathan Gehlert believes most marriages can benefit from a little preventative medicine. “As someone who is really passionate about marriages and helping people in relationships, I think many people get married before putting a lot of effort into what the marriage will be about,” he explains. “There’s a real movement … Continue reading

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