Men’s Rites of Passage coming to the DC area

Men, want to nurture a deep open-hearted spirituality based upon timeless wisdom that can guide you in living a generative life? Men As Learners and Elders (MALES) of the Washington DC Region will host a Men’s Rites of Passage (MROP) near Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, from Wednesday afternoon, April 22, … Continue reading

A New Year, a New Grace, a New You!

A New Year, a New Grace, a New You!

I preached from the lectionary text John 1:1-18 on the last Sunday of 2014.  The text introduces Jesus within the context of the Word: “14 And the Word became flesh and lived among us, and we have seen his glory, the glory as of a father’s only son, full of … Continue reading

News Flash: Hot Flash

I recently celebrated a friend’s 50th birthday by attending the musical “Menopause.” The group of us laughed so hard that tears were streaming down our cheeks.  At the end of the play the audience was invited up to the stage for women to unite around this season of life.  SEASON … Continue reading

The Stigma of Mental Illness is Losing its Sting

Most of us don’t think twice about going to the dentist if we have a nagging pain in our jaw, or visiting the doctor if a cough persists more than a few weeks. However, when we hurt on the inside, that’s a different story. Emotional pain or depression — and … Continue reading

QuarterLife+10 Therapy Group open to additional members

The ongoing QuarterLife+10 therapy group for unmarried professionals in their mid-20s to mid-30s is open to additional members. Topics include work/career, spirituality, relationships, and exploring the question “Where do I want to be in 10 years?” For more information, please contact Nathan Gehlert at 202-449-3789 x716 or email him.

Spotlight on Joanne Comstock, PhD

A typical therapist’s “to-do list” is often bogged down with paperwork, case consultations, licensure maintenance, and continuing education requirements. As a result, considering the spiritual and clinical implications of her work might often come in last. But since the fall, The Imago Center’s Dr. Joanne Comstock has built such reflection … Continue reading

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