Seven Days of Thanksgiving: Thankful for BOTH, Thankful for AND

There’s no denying it — Thanksgiving is here. “Black Friday” deals have been advertised for the last week, grocery stores are crowded and picked over, and therapists write about the many benefits of gratitude. Some of us are excited, making holiday plans and looking forward to the coming season. Others … Continue reading

Seven Days of Thanksgiving: Thankful for Not Having More

The title of Byron Katie’s book, Loving What Is, speaks for itself. Instead of wanting what is not, we can learn to accept and even love what is, which Byron Katie calls reality. It is human nature to want more. We think more is better and that more will fulfill … Continue reading

Seven Days of Thanksgiving: Relaxing Right Now Into Gratitude

Ours is a culture of striving. Our conditioning is to try to accomplish more and to be more efficient, controlled, smart, spiritual, or _______ [fill in the blank]. We should be better professionals, friends, partners, parents, or have better stuff, jobs, friends, partners, or bosses. We should even need to … Continue reading

Seven Days of Thanksgiving: “The Greatest Thanks is to give thanks for everything”

“The greatest thing is to give thanks for everything. He who has learned this knows what it means to live. He has penetrated the whole mystery of life: giving thanks for everything.” – Albert Schweitzer. Great wisdom, but as it turns out “penetrating the mystery of life” is easier said than done, … Continue reading

Seven Days of Thanksgiving: We are the branches bound together

Giving thanks can be a complicated process. We often don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it. Loss opens our eyes to what we truly value and whom we truly depend on. Growing up Thanksgiving was filled with noisy children, warm moments and the good scents coming from my … Continue reading

Seven Days of Thanksgiving: Grateful Thoughts Lead to Better Sleep

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, many of us begin thinking about the things in our lives which inspire thankfulness. A growing body of research suggests that we’d be wise to make this a daily habit — regularly focusing on and appreciating the positive is related to a higher level of … Continue reading

Seven Days of Thanksgiving: Practicing Gratitude Every Day

Thanksgiving is normally a holiday that many people look forward to because of its lack of focus on materialism and its emphasis on giving thanks. Every year my girlfriends and I have a “Thanks-For-Good-Friends-Giving” potluck dinner where we give thanks for our friendship. The name of this event alone makes … Continue reading

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