Imago Relationship Tips: The Setup Question

Does your partner ever ask you a “Setup Question”? A question where you know they have an answer in mind, one you better answer correctly or you know there will be trouble? For more information on Imago Relationship therapy and how it could help you, contact The Imago Center of … Continue reading

Imago Relationship Tips: Remove All Criticism

Does your partner behave in ways that annoy you? How do you feel when this happens? Do you criticize your partner? Try these tips instead. For more information on Imago Relationship therapy and how it could help you, contact The Imago Center of Washington, DC at

Safe Encounters: Relationship Tip

“You are so critical and hyper!” “You are so withdrawn and unsupportive!” We all tend to be experts on what is wrong with our partners. Certainly, this level of awareness is an important starting point when considering our troubled relationships. Yet, such criticisms are not conducive to healthy connecting. Most … Continue reading

Virtual Connections: Relationship Tip of the Month

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are excellent instruments to establish connection. Yet they can be a source of disconnect and rupture for committed relationships, because they offer an opportunity to reconnect with old infatuations. Social networking may make it easy to meet people with similar interests, particularly when … Continue reading

Out of the Routine: Relationship Tip of the Month

In my own life, and in the relationships I observe with couples in treatment, I’m struck by how seemingly stuck we can get in our routines. Overall, routines do make a lot of sense. But they can get in the way of spontaneity and change. Sometimes, couples want to start … Continue reading

Radical Hospitality: Relationship Tip of the Month

I recently heard a sermon about radical hospitality, the unexpected and unselfish care of another person. The pastor, Judith Fulp-Eickstaedt, asserted that such radical hospitality is the beginning of dramatic change, and she gave two examples. The first was Zacchaeus, a biblical figure who was not just a hated tax … Continue reading

Reading Aloud: Relationship Tip of the Month

If you were lucky, an adult in your life read aloud to you when you were young. Reading to a child is a wonderful way to stimulate his or her imagination, improve reading comprehension and verbal skills, and create a sense of safety and connection. One reason adults read to … Continue reading

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