The SYMBIS Assessment: A great tool for Premarital Preparation


PC&CC/The Imago Center is now offering The SYMBIS Assessment as part of our premarital preparation. The SYMBIS Assessment is based on the research of Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott, authors of the best selling book “Save Your Marriage Before It Starts. The SYMBIS is a 200 question assessment taken online by … Continue reading

Start Right, Stay Connected – An Imago Premarital Workshop

Our one day premarital and pre-commitment workshop Start Right, Stay Connected is an excellent way for couples considering a long-term commitment to invest in the health of their partnership. Led by Caroline and Jason Bernhardt-Lanier, the Start Right, Stay Connected workshop is designed for both heterosexual and same-sex couples. Participants … Continue reading

Premarital & Pre-Commitment Counseling

If you are planning to get married or make a long-term commitment to your partner, premarital or pre-commitment counseling will help you and your partner navigate the many stages of relationship ahead and will help you grow into a more conscious, mature, fulfilling relationship. Research indicates that premarital counseling can reduce … Continue reading

Getting Married? Start Right, Stay Connected

As they say in the classic Mastercard advertisements: Wedding Dress? $2,000  Catering? $4,000  Rings? $2,000 Happily Ever After? Priceless. In the case of the Imago Center’s Premarital Seminar, “Start Right, Stay Connected” it’s more like $350 per couple, materials included. We still consider it priceless. Couples put all sorts of time, … Continue reading

Money. The Root of All… Conflict?

Household finances is one of the crucial topics that I help couples discuss in premarital therapy. Those couples that don’t have this conversation before tying the knot often end up disagreeing about it later in their relationships. There are different ways that couples can handle their finances, which is why … Continue reading

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