In Appreciation of Attachment Parenting

Attachment parenting is a term coined by pediatrician and father William Sears. A number of attachment parenting bloggers like this wiki definition of attachment parenting, and so do I: Attachment parenting is a parenting philosophy based on the principles of attachment theory in developmental psychology.  According to attachment theory, the … Continue reading's 'On Parenting' Asks About Holiday Stress

This week I was lucky to be quoted in the “On Parenting” blog, written and curated by Janice D’Arcy. We spoke about the challenges new parents face when trying to make thoughtful decisions about long-held family traditions. It was fun to have the chance to really think through the … Continue reading

Playgroup as Peer Group

Counseling Today just published an article I wrote about how some therapist moms and dads balance their work with busy home lives. As a part of the DCTherapistMoms group locally, I was expecting to find similar support networks for therapists around the country. While I certainly found a lot of people expressing … Continue reading

Hollywood’s Marriage Fantasies

I read this interesting article today about how Hollywood’s preoccupation with reconciliation stories may be impacting kids’ expectations about separation/divorce. My favorite line might be this one: “…Hollywood has always been interested in extreme and unlikely tales. Happy marriages are almost as uncommon in movies as rational divorces.” I was … Continue reading

SAHM Longs to Travel, Couple Negotiates for Baby #2

My latest Georgetowner column features questions about couples in the throes of parenting, and the impact it can have on a marriage. One stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) finds herself resentful of her husband’s travel opportunities, while another couple is looking for signs as to whether they’re supposed to try for baby #2. … Continue reading

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