Unable to Achieve Your Goals? Get a New Family!

Ever since I began what has since become a multi-faceted career revolving around human psychology, behavior, and performance, I have been fascinated with the science (and even the oddball speculation) that underlies whether, and how, people are able to bring about what they say they want. I have been convinced that … Continue reading


New Year’s Day finds many people making New Year’s resolutions. Yet, it is well known that most of those resolutions will go unfulfilled. Efforts to lose weight, stop smoking, meditate more and spend more quality time with the family fade all too soon. Radio announcers even joke that if you wait until … Continue reading

A Thought about New Year’s Resolutions

Even after a career as a human performance specialist and now as a life coach and therapist, I’m still naïve enough to be tempted to implement a dozen or so good New Year’s resolutions. But this year I’m clinging to two principles: “First things first” and “biggest bang for the … Continue reading

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