Seven Days of Thanksgiving: Relaxing Right Now Into Gratitude

Ours is a culture of striving. Our conditioning is to try to accomplish more and to be more efficient, controlled, smart, spiritual, or _______ [fill in the blank]. We should be better professionals, friends, partners, parents, or have better stuff, jobs, friends, partners, or bosses. We should even need to … Continue reading

Overcoming the Emotional Stress of Infertility

Please join me on Wednesday, June 8th at the Cade Foundation Family Building Seminar in Landover, Md.  I will be leading a break-out session titled, “Overcoming the Emotional Stress Associated with Infertility and Childlessness.”  The panel presentation before my session includes a full range of experts on medical treatment, adoption, … Continue reading

Being Transparent

I just read a website article about handling your two year-old’s Big Emotions.  Not surprisingly, the article caught my eye because I have a two year-old who is definitely experiencing some big emotions right now!  The article notes “you seldom have to guess about a two year-old’s emotional state” and … Continue reading

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