Relationship Advice: When the Honeymoon is Over: How to Keep the Love Alive

 My latest Pamela’s Punch blog, When the Honeymoon is Over: How to Keep the Love Alive,  takes a look at the “honeymoon phase” in relationships and how it can dissipate relatively quickly. What happens to us during the honeymoon phase and how can we nurture our relationship to be deeper … Continue reading

Tips for a successful and fulfilling relationship

I recently attended the ‘Getting the Love You Want’ workshop with my husband as part of my Imago Training. I was moved very deeply by the process and energized by the reinforcement of the wonderful relationship prinicples it teaches. You can read more about it at my Feminism and Relationships … Continue reading

Imago Parenting Helps Us Be in the Moment

I recently completed the training to become a presenter for the “Connected Parents, Thriving Kids” Imago-based parenting program. Much to my initial disappointment, I didn’t leave the intensive training bursting with confidence about my skills as a parent! Much like those who attend the parenting program across the country, I … Continue reading

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