To Empathize or Not to Empathize? That is the Question!

Earlier this week I spoke with a parishioner who informed me that she would no longer attend the support group conducted at the church.  She told me that the group did not really provide the forum for the discussion of her current need.  She boldly said, “I need a man!” … Continue reading

Creating Your Own Fun This Holiday Season

If you watch television this time of year, you may think that everyone is having a Hallmark holiday season. Believe it or not, if you struggle with the holiday blues you are not alone. The loss of a love one, strained relationships, financial troubles, and a host of other things … Continue reading

Line Between Bereavement and Major Depression Rightly Adjusted

You may have heard about an important change in how grief and depression can be diagnosed in the upcoming fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5), the book considered the “bible” for clinicians who diagnose psychiatric disorders. The change has received much attention in the professional and lay … Continue reading

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