Conflict is Growth Trying to Happen

Several years ago, when I worked as a bereavement counselor, I’d often receive puzzled looks at parties when people I hadn’t met before asked where I worked. “You’re a grief counselor?” they’d ask. “But isn’t that depressing?” Actually, I’d say, it’s just the opposite. One of the many things I … Continue reading

Seven Days of Thanksgiving: Thankful for BOTH, Thankful for AND

There’s no denying it — Thanksgiving is here. “Black Friday” deals have been advertised for the last week, grocery stores are crowded and picked over, and therapists write about the many benefits of gratitude. Some of us are excited, making holiday plans and looking forward to the coming season. Others … Continue reading

Seven Days of Thanksgiving: We are the branches bound together

Giving thanks can be a complicated process. We often don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it. Loss opens our eyes to what we truly value and whom we truly depend on. Growing up Thanksgiving was filled with noisy children, warm moments and the good scents coming from my … Continue reading

Cindy Bare, MA.: Therapist Spotlight

Several years ago, Cindy Bare left a career in the legal industry to stay at home with her first child. But having experienced several episodes of intense grief in her life — including the death of a parent, a divorce, and infertility in her second marriage — she realized that … Continue reading

Spotlight on Kevin Berrill, LICSW

When Kevin Berrill decided to become a psychotherapist, he knew he wanted to work in a collaborative setting, one that offered a balance of client-centered work, personal autonomy, and community. “I wanted to be part of an agency that is socially conscious, spiritually sensitive, holistic in its approach, and attuned … Continue reading

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