The Growing Problem of Social Isolation and What to Do About It

A client sat across from me in my office sobbing. “I feel so lonely” she finally said after she collected herself. This particular woman has a lot of friends and a successful career- how could someone as bright and friendly as her feel lonely? This woman is not alone – … Continue reading

“A place of NO” : Learning to say ‘no’ effectively without guilt

A common theme of anxiety is guilt. Many of us feel that we are never enough, that we never do enough, or that we could always do more. When we can’t fulfill every goal or be everything to everyone, many people can feel a sense of failure or inadequacy, which … Continue reading

Toxic People and Relationships

In life, inevitably at some point, we are surrounded by people and situations that leave us with an uncomfortable feeling. The feeling may be hard to describe. It could be a nagging, gut feeling or it could involve anger, frustration, sadness and disappointment. Toxic situations and relationships can occur in … Continue reading

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