How to Choose the Right Couples Therapist

Many of the couples I see in my practice are surprisingly not in couples therapy for the first time. In some cases they felt the therapy wasn’t working and they wanted to try a different approach, in other cases they had a bad experience but were still committed to making … Continue reading

Why All Couples Could Benefit from (Good) Couples Therapy

During my training in Imago Relationship Therapy, one phrase has always stuck with me: “No one teaches us how to be in relationships.” If we have parents with a good marriage, modeling can be a great teacher but it’s still not the exact same thing as what it truly means … Continue reading

Relationship Advice: When the Honeymoon is Over: How to Keep the Love Alive

 My latest Pamela’s Punch blog, When the Honeymoon is Over: How to Keep the Love Alive,  takes a look at the “honeymoon phase” in relationships and how it can dissipate relatively quickly. What happens to us during the honeymoon phase and how can we nurture our relationship to be deeper … Continue reading

The Shape of My Love

I recently saw a movie called “Sabah, A Love Story” it is a tale of a conservative Muslin Arab woman who falls in love with a non-Muslin Canadian. The relationship ignites culture clashes, frustration and many misunderstandings. It sounds wearying but the movie has a happy ending. Sabah’s story reminds … Continue reading

Rededicating Yourself to Your Relationship

On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your relationship? Is it what you had imagined when you first got married? Years go by, and while couples are still technically married, they have unconsciously filed for an ‘invisible divorce’. How do couples rededicate themselves to their relationship … Continue reading

Remember Your Rituals: Relationship Tip

When couples experience a break in their connection, which is usually why they come to therapy, I encourage them to think back to the beginning of their relationship. Those were the days when they likely experienced their deepest level of connection. While, “How did you feel then?,” might be an … Continue reading

Of Green Disputes and Mad Men

In Washington, we’re mostly accustomed to relationships where both partners are of the same political persuasion. Blue man with blue woman. Red man with red woman. But what if only one of the partners is green? Leslie Kauman writes in the NY Times about how more and more therapists report … Continue reading

Stepping Back, Getting the Whole Picture

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – Imago therapists don’t always practice what we preach. Contrary to some of my couples’ expectations, I don’t do the Imago dialogue over dinner each night with my husband. In fact, we don’t always do it when we have a … Continue reading

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