Parenting as a Spiritual Path: The Lessons in a Severed Ankle, a Chipped Tooth, and Stretch Marks

Growing up, I thought that I could only experience the spiritual in religious places like churches or in solemnly recited words of prayer (and only when I was perfectly well-behaved). Once I became a parent, however, my four children taught me that the sacred can surprise me everywhere, often most … Continue reading

The Growing Problem of Social Isolation and What to Do About It

A client sat across from me in my office sobbing. “I feel so lonely” she finally said after she collected herself. This particular woman has a lot of friends and a successful career- how could someone as bright and friendly as her feel lonely? This woman is not alone – … Continue reading

Lent, a Time to Remember New Year’s Resolutions?

With so many of my clients talking about their Lenten disciplines this year, I recently found myself thinking about what I might give up or add to my routine to honor the season. This mental conversation sounded sort of familiar, then I remembered the piece I wrote for PC&CC’s January … Continue reading

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