Keep the Connection

Going to school is a milestone in the lives of children. They enjoy the independence it brings and the excitement of new experiences and relationships. For some kids school is scary and they may or may not share their concerns, such as fear of separation, social anxiety, and making academic … Continue reading

Make a Date with your Child: Relationship Tip

In couples therapy, counselors often prescribe “date nights” for their clients. It is a chance for couples to reconnect, have fun, and re-romanticize their relationship. These moments are less about what you do and more about the quality of the time spent together. Dates nights provide an opportunity to focus … Continue reading

Celebrating Your Child While Ignoring the ‘Joneses’

I remember when one daughter insisted on wearing the same red sparkly shoes–think Dorothy, Kansas–each and every day. All day. With tights. In 90 degree weather. I wondered what other parents would think of me, especially since I had let the same child pair stripes and florals upon demand. But … Continue reading

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