Why I Need Help to be a Good Spouse and Parent

I was a child of the 1960’s – 70’s: The first generation of women in America discovering that they could, and perhaps should, have a career of their own outside the home. As little girls, my friends and I dreamed of our careers, not of having babies and making our … Continue reading

Group Therapy & Support Groups

Group Therapy & Support Groups

Share your experiences and relate to others who understand your situation. Group therapy sessions and support groups are available to a wide variety of individuals grappling with personal, professional and romantic obstacles. Meet and share with like-minded individuals in similar circumstances, explore your concerns with others and engage with a … Continue reading

Reflections on Service and Career

Back in the days of hippies, there was a spiritual teacher and commune leader named Stephen Gaskin. I once saw Stephen speak at a university venue I can no longer remember.  But I vividly remember his description of the way his life changed when he took the Bodhisattva Vow. In … Continue reading

Anxiety and Negative Messages: The Power of Other People’s Words Over our Lives

I recently wrote a blog post for popular Washington DC blog Pamela’s Punch about how other people’s words and messages have the power to impact us in many ways we may not realize. You can read all about it here: http://www.pamelaspunch.com/anxiety-and-negative-messages-the-power-of-other-peoples-words-over-our-lives/

My Career Counseling Secrets REVEALED!

Did you know that some of the best resources available to a professional career counselor are available to anyone, and for free?  True.  I learned of some of them firsthand during my tenure at the US Employment and Training Administration, whose charge includes the development, training, and retraining of the … Continue reading

“A place of NO” : Learning to say ‘no’ effectively without guilt

A common theme of anxiety is guilt. Many of us feel that we are never enough, that we never do enough, or that we could always do more. When we can’t fulfill every goal or be everything to everyone, many people can feel a sense of failure or inadequacy, which … Continue reading

Toxic People and Relationships

In life, inevitably at some point, we are surrounded by people and situations that leave us with an uncomfortable feeling. The feeling may be hard to describe. It could be a nagging, gut feeling or it could involve anger, frustration, sadness and disappointment. Toxic situations and relationships can occur in … Continue reading

‘(Psycho)social networking’ in Counseling Today

Counseling Today just published an article I wrote about making appropriate referrals. Many of us in the counseling field have put much of our energy into getting our names out there, so that other professionals will refer clients to us. But it also takes some effort to decide where we … Continue reading

Recharging Batteries: Soothing Your Overworked Partner

“Is loss of connection and intimacy an inevitable outcome of our harried lives?” asks Offra Gerstein, Ph.D., a psychologist and columnist in Santa Cruz, Calif. Not if we become aware of the impact of work, family, and stress on our relationships, she says. “Couples who are both employed outside the … Continue reading

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