My Career Counseling Secrets REVEALED!

Did you know that some of the best resources available to a professional career counselor are available to anyone, and for free?  True.  I learned of some of them firsthand during my tenure at the US Employment and Training Administration, whose charge includes the development, training, and retraining of the … Continue reading

What Makes You Happy At Work?

I was recently asked to identify the key factors that make employees satisfied and engaged on the job.  Two theories came to mind, and both have proved themselves true in my experience in human performance improvement in a number of organizations. One is Frederick Herzberg’s Motivation Hygiene theory (aka Two … Continue reading

‘(Psycho)social networking’ in Counseling Today

Counseling Today just published an article I wrote about making appropriate referrals. Many of us in the counseling field have put much of our energy into getting our names out there, so that other professionals will refer clients to us. But it also takes some effort to decide where we … Continue reading

Spotlight on Robert Gordon, MS, MA

Career change is a popular topic in therapists’ offices. Many clients come to counseling beaten down by their professions, often forgetting the reasons they were initially drawn to those jobs, and how their own unique skills seemed like a good match for such an environment once upon a time. In … Continue reading

QuarterLife+10 Therapy Group open to additional members

The ongoing QuarterLife+10 therapy group for unmarried professionals in their mid-20s to mid-30s is open to additional members. Topics include work/career, spirituality, relationships, and exploring the question “Where do I want to be in 10 years?” For more information, please contact Nathan Gehlert at 202-449-3789 x716 or email him.

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