Want to Give A Little Advice? Don’t Do It! (or not until you have read this first)

Giving advice to someone who may be struggling, or stuck in that maelstrom of an unresolved situation, comes naturally, and often unconsciously for many of us. Before you know it, out pops your opinion and well-intentioned, ‘just do_____’. Sometimes we even follow up with our analysis of why our advice … Continue reading

Getting Triggered! It can be a slippery slope but doesn’t have to be

We all know that feeling of getting triggered. A quick feeling of anger, hurt, fear, or perhaps the feeling of being misjudged or ignored. That comment from a boss or colleague that leaves you feeling criticized. An eye roll from your teen. The dreaded silence of a partner when you … Continue reading

What Sean Penn has to Teach us About Roles We Play in Relationships

I was recently interviewed about Sean Penn and May-December relationships for Yahoo News: The May-December romance between 50-year-old Sean Penn and 26-year-old Scarlett Johansson serves as a symbol of what most relationships experience. “People play roles in relationships. These behaviors are childhood roles that served as coping mechanisms growing up, … Continue reading

An Estonian Imago therapist is born…

As I finished up today with Estonia’s first class of Imago therapists I can’t begin to tell you the joy, pride and emotion that filled our training room situated next to Tallinn’s historic Old Town. One of the many requirements to become skilled in couple’s work is to show your … Continue reading

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