7 Little Things That Make Life Effortless

The effortless life would be void of depression and anxiety and filled with a general sense of well-being (a.k.a. happiness). But how to get there? That’s the question Leo Babauta seeks to answer in his upcoming book, The Effortless Life. The book highlights principles for “what works in making life … Continue reading

Relationship Rule to Break: Never go to bed angry

We’ve all heard the suggestion that a couple should never go to bed angry. It’s actually terrible advice. One of the most important relationship skills is learning to contain our reactivity in disagreements and recognize that “right now” may not be the best time to try to resolve conflict. Why … Continue reading

Young Professional Group: Referral Corner

I’ve been co-leading a group for young adults struggling with quarterlife crises for over two years now. With time I’ve become more sure in my belief that young professionals today face issues that previous generations did not face at a similar age. Young adults today are marrying later, living at … Continue reading

Out of the Routine: Relationship Tip of the Month

In my own life, and in the relationships I observe with couples in treatment, I’m struck by how seemingly stuck we can get in our routines. Overall, routines do make a lot of sense. But they can get in the way of spontaneity and change. Sometimes, couples want to start … Continue reading

Do We Reveal Too Much About Our Kids Online?

From PBS.org: Still other experts believe the “proud parent” behavior is tied to evolution. “In many ways, we’re biologically wired to promote our children, and the Internet and social media provides a convenient and effective way to do this,” explains Nathan Gehlert, a Washington, DC-based psychotherapist. “Parents really [want] to … Continue reading

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