You Are a Celebrity

I watched the supper bowl half time show. Beyonce was just fantastic! She is such a celebrity!I have always been curious about our fascination with celebrities. Maybe we try to attach our identity to theirs to feel successful, beautiful or powerful. It is fun to dress up like a celebrity … Continue reading

Bye New Year’s resolution, Hi New You.

In our culture only 8% of people actually accomplish their New Year’s resolution. If for some reason you let your resolve go, with focus, faith, patient and effort  you can still  join the few.  Some apps can be incredibly helpful in this endeavor. One of them is MotivAider, which helps … Continue reading

Relationship Rule to Break: We need to be fair when splitting household tasks

I remember my Kindergarten days and how my teacher would tell us “wait your turn”, “now it is time to clean up”, and “everyone needs to do their share.” The early sense of fairness and the expectation that tasks will be distributed evenly seems to become part of each of … Continue reading

The Shape of My Love

I recently saw a movie called “Sabah, A Love Story” it is a tale of a conservative Muslin Arab woman who falls in love with a non-Muslin Canadian. The relationship ignites culture clashes, frustration and many misunderstandings. It sounds wearying but the movie has a happy ending. Sabah’s story reminds … Continue reading

Virtual Connections: Relationship Tip of the Month

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are excellent instruments to establish connection. Yet they can be a source of disconnect and rupture for committed relationships, because they offer an opportunity to reconnect with old infatuations. Social networking may make it easy to meet people with similar interests, particularly when … Continue reading

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