Looking to Alternatives in Pain Management

Someone very dear to me lives with pain that has become the defining factor in her life. It is difficult, most certainly for her, but also for those who love her. This is an issue that affects families and relationships and it is often not talked about. It is also … Continue reading

The Joys of Being a Grandmother

No one ever tells you how much your heart will swell upon becoming a grandmother. Research studies have determined that women who have grandchildren geographically close by, and are involved in their lives, live longer. It is no surprise to me. But the benefits go both ways in this relationship. … Continue reading

Changes in Relationships


In a recent article about changes in relationship By Sara Polanchek and Sidney Shaw (Counseling Today, December 2015 – Ten intimate relationship research findings every counselor should know) I was slightly surprised by some statistics.  For example, cohabitation before marriage was reported as 60% today as compared to 5% in 1960. … Continue reading

What Has Love Got to Do with It???

What Has Love got to do with it???             So what do we really know about the benefits of marriage, love and/or a committed relationship? Where are the arguments for a stable relationship? One argument that we might not think about too often is better health. Not surprisingly, there are … Continue reading

Seven Days of Thanksgiving: We are the branches bound together

Giving thanks can be a complicated process. We often don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it. Loss opens our eyes to what we truly value and whom we truly depend on. Growing up Thanksgiving was filled with noisy children, warm moments and the good scents coming from my … Continue reading

The Mindful Way through Depression

The Mindful Way through Depression

“The Mindful Way through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness” (2007) by Williams, Teasdale, Segal, and Kabat-Zinn, is a resource worth knowing about for anyone who suffers from depression. The first part of the book artfully discusses depression and educates the reader about symptoms and treatment. It is a collaborative … Continue reading

Separateness and Togetherness: Relationship Tip

In Becoming Married (1993), Anderson & Fite talk about having a “room of one’s own.” This concept is not about a physical space, although it can be, as much as it is an emotional space. It refers to the delicate balance between needing connection within a relationship, and the need … Continue reading

‘Resolutionary’ Optimism

The beginning of any new year brings a host of possibilities, plus the nagging memories of bygone resolutions. Whatever happened to last year’s promises of change that somehow never happened? In the Washington Post, evolutionary biologist Lionel Tiger, explains that people continue to make promises about changes they won’t keep … Continue reading

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