Group Therapy & Support Groups

Share your experiences and relate to others who understand your situation. Group therapy sessions and support groups are available to a wide variety of individuals grappling with personal, professional and romantic obstacles. Meet and share with like-minded individuals in similar circumstances, explore your concerns with others and engage with a supportive network to help you conquer your barriers.

The PC&CC/The Imago Center of Washington DC offers group therapy sessions in Washington DC serving the surrounding areas in Virginia and Maryland. Groups are customized to suit the circumstances of the individuals and provide an encouraging, safe environment to in which to communicate and share. Participants can get feedback from others that relate to their situation, gain new perspective on conflicts and utilize a supportive network to move forward.

Take a look at the support groups available below to find a supportive network that suits you. For more information on Washington DC and Takoma Park, MD, group therapy and support groups contact us.

Current Group Therapy & Support Groups

Women in The Second Chapter of Life

Women who identify as any or all of the following may be interested in a psychodynamic group therapy experience:

20-something to 40-something, curious about how you got here and who you are in this moment of your life, willing to explore the emotions, behaviors and patterns that keep you stuck, prepared to peel back “layers of the onion” to better understand your “baggage,” curious about what change might look and feel like, looking for validation, seeking a personal challenge, desiring support, considering a career move or a geographical solution, yearning for a devoted relationship, in a relationship, committed to single-life, juggling the balance of career and personal life, beginning a family, and/or perhaps, hoping to avoid the mistakes of your past.

Women in The Third Chapter of Life

Women who identify as any or all of the following may be interested in a psychodynamic group therapy experience:

An Empty Nester, a Career Changer, Over 50, Going through Menopause, Going through Perimenopause, Becoming a Grandparent, Single again, Single by choice, in a “December romance”, Considering retirement, Looking for passion, Embracing the changes, In a long term relationship or feeling generally discomfited due to changes in your body, your life situation or your options at this stage of life.

Women’s Sexuality in The Third Chapter of Life

10 week sessions focused on sexuality provide a platform for psycho-education, sexual education, personal growth, self-reflection and interpersonal exploration. These goals may prove to be merely the beginning of a journey the women in the group will take together. Commitment to the ongoing process, even when discussions feel challenging, awkward or invasive is an investment in self-knowledge.

Through this confidential group experience, you will be encouraged to make changes in your sexual life, participate in exercises and discussions regarding your sexual concerns, your body, long-believed myths about female sexuality, aging and stereotypes.

Imago Men’s Group

There’s a good chance that your life as a man isn’t what you’d like it to be. We hope this experience will enrich your life in the ways that are most important to you. Through connection with other men, the Imago Men’s Group can help you develop a more rewarding relational life and make positive change stick.

Mom Matters

Discover new confidence, balance, and self-care tools while exploring your challenges and hopes in a confidential, supportive group setting,

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