Family & Child Therapy


Family Therapy

Parenting has never been easy. Good parenting requires hard work; it is one of the most difficult, challenging, rewarding, and important tasks humans undertake. Research indicates that child and adolescent therapy is most successful when the family is included in the process. The therapists at The Imago Center provide parent education as well as solution-focused family therapy to affirm the parents’ capacity to assist their children through difficult issues.

Child Therapy (9-12 years)

Therapists at the Imago Center provide services to children nine years of age and older. In learning to speak the language of our younger clients, child therapists engage in play. The use of play, as a therapeutic medium, typically results in a child's ability to: develop a greater understanding of feelings, responsibly control emotions, enhance problem-solving skills, reduce maladaptive behaviors, build coping/adaptive strengths, enhance resiliency, increase self-awareness and self-direction, and work through conflicts.  Some children may not be mature enough to express complex emotions; nor have they learned the vocabulary. Through creative interventions and play with sand trays, toys, storytelling, therapeutic games, and art materials, our therapists help children express their feelings and make sense of their world.

Adolescent Therapy (13-18 years)

Adolescence serves as a developmental “stepping stone” from childhood to young adulthood. It is a period marked by great transition; Adolescents may feel both anxious and excited about making this transition; it is one that involves changes in roles, relationships, sense of self, and routine. Growing up is challenging. When working with adolescents, our counselors typically ask clients if they would be more comfortable sitting and discussing their respective situations or engaging in creative interventions (such as art, journaling, listening to music, bibliotherapy). Researchers have found that the therapeutic relationship is the single strongest factor in efficacy of treatment with adolescents. Our therapists work to establish an emotionally safe, protected space for adolescents in an effort to build and maintain the trust necessary for personal growth and identity exploration.  

Child and adolescent therapy is most successful when the family is included in the process. Ultimately, the therapists at the Imago Center strive to give both the child and the child's family members the skills to work together and to overcome struggles that have brought them to our center.

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