Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

Many of us believe that conflict is evidence of a bad relationship, so when it appears we think we are in relationship with the wrong person.  But at the Imago Center, we believe conflict is just change trying to happen. It means something very important is trying to heal in your relationship.

All relationships go through stages. After the bliss of the romantic stage, couples wake up one day and find themselves in the inevitable power struggle stage. You may be in this stage if you find that the differences that used to attract you now annoy you, or if one of you is becoming more critical and one is becoming more withdrawn in the relationship.

Traditionally we haven't known what to do when the power struggle began. This is where we can help! Learning to stay connected through the difficult times is an art and requires intentional skills.  Learn these skills at our weekend workshop for couples or in private therapy with one of our highly trained Imago couples therapists in Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia.  We believe in Imago relationship therapy for couples therapy and marriage counseling because we know it works. 

Working with a therapist at The Imago Center can help you and your partner look at your marriage or long-term relationship with new eyes. Together, you can explore:

  • A new way of talking that improves communication
  • How to develop and maintain empathy and compassion for one another
  • Ways you can re-romanticize your relationship
  • How to transform frustrations into growth and healing
  • How childhood experiences are recreated (and can be healed) in long-term relationships
  • Simple tools to mend your relationship yourself, without always needing the help of a therapist

What is Imago Couples Therapy like?

  • Sessions are highly structured and safe. The couple sits face to face and spend most of the session in a form of dialogue, the foundation of which will be introduced during the first session. The structure of communication that you will learn helps break the cycle of blame and shame.
  • Our role as therapists is to facilitate and empower YOU to create the relationship of your dreams.  We will not tell you who is wrong or take sides.
  • Most couples meet for a weekly 75 minute session.  Eventually, sessions can become biweekly, monthly, and then as needed. Sometimes couples like to check in periodically for a tune-up.
  • Couples are encouraged to participate in the two-day Getting the Love You Want Workshop.  The Workshop reinforces and expands upon the work you do in sessions. It can also spark momentum for the relationship and speed up the therapy process.

How can I learn more about Imago Couples Therapy?

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