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Six Signs that Stress Effects You Physically

Because of the pressures put on us by others (and ourselves!), stress has become imminent.  We’ve filled our days with activities and loaded ourselves down with expectations. Occasionally in times of serious stress, our symptoms can turn physical. The important thing is to recognize these symptoms and combat them with rest and relaxation before they manifest into more serious ailments.  Read more »

How Can Stress Affect Your Relationship

 Relationships are like roller coasters, they all go through their highs and lows.  What can make for even more low periods than normal is stress.  Stress can take an incredible toll on two people that are committed to each other and turn it into a rough experience.   Read more »

Timers Everywhere

 In this world of beeps and rings and timers, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by these daily reminders.  The alarm sings in the morning, the dryer beeps for the clothes to be folded, the phone pings when an email comes in and the oven timer goes off when the chicken is baked.  Read more »

Stress-Producing Stress

Define “stress.”

Most people would define stress as an overall negative feeling. What kind of feeling, exactly? Stress might feel like:




being overwhelmed












In other words, stress is an actual, definable emotion, not just a vague, amorphous catchall. The danger in always using the word “stress” rather than naming the actual feeling is that we lose the right to be okay with it.  Read more »

In Appreciation of Attachment Parenting

Attachment parenting is a term coined by pediatrician and father William Sears. A number of attachment parenting bloggers like this wiki definition of attachment parenting, and so do I:  Read more »


Washington DC

Improv-Therapy is a Washington DC based psychotherapy group that fuses the fun of improvisational games and exercises with group psychotherapy.  Read more »


Improv-Therapy is a Washington DC based psychotherapy group that fuses the fun of improvisational games and exercises with group psychotherapy.    Read more »

Vindication:Why We Feel The Need & What We Can Do About It

My latest blog I wrote for Pamela's Punch, Vindication: Why We Feel The Need & What We Can Do About It,  explores how vindication and healing go together. Why is vindication so important in being able to move on? How can we move forward even without vindication or justice?

How lack of flexibility and acceptance lead to anxiety

I recently wrote a blog post titled Happiness: Accepting and Embracing the Unknown for Pamela's Punch.  It discusses how to let go, how to know when to let go, and to make decisions in life that you can fully accept.  Hopefully practicing these things will lead to a happier and less anxious life!