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Hayley Hoffman

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Hayley Hoffman, LGPC, NCC

Hayley is a psychodynamically trained clinical counselor focusing on helping clients to live life on life’s terms. She specializes in couples working using Imago Relationship Therapy. She works from an empathic stance, helping clients through the process of noticing, identifying and understanding patterns of behavior that, while once useful coping mechanisms are no longer working. Together with her clients, they explore attachment meaning, past and current actions, set goals, and practice new behaviors. Her training is rooted in “unconditional positive regard,” creating a safe haven for exploring vulnerability and change, and a spiritual approach to life’s ups and downs, drawing on the lessons she has learned in Imago Therapy, 12 step work, and psychodynamic clinical theory. Her client base is focused on adults, individuals, and couples.

Areas of Focus:


Hayley’s personal experience in couples’ therapy includes years of work with an Imago therapist. She firmly believes that every couple can benefit from new and better ways to connect, communicate and envision their dream relationship. Her positive experience in therapy was a compelling influence in her decision to become a Licensed Clinical Counselor with a focus on Imago Therapy.

Relational Difficulties

Hayley works 1:1 with women and men to support healthy interactions, self-reflection, personal responsibility, and awareness and acceptance of others as a means of navigating personal, familial, and professional relationships.

Group Therapy

Years of work in group settings inform Hayley’s approach to working in a relational paradigm to uncover behavior patterns and access feedback in a supportive, empathic context. Safety allows for the emergence of honesty, vulnerability, and self-awareness.

Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

Hayley works with clients suffering from anxiety and depression, as well as other presenting symptoms which preclude healthy functioning in the predominant dimensions of life.  She uses psychodynamic modalities to work with her clients’ anxious and/or depressive symptoms.


Hayley works from a perspective that values a spiritual way of life without limiting faith and spirituality to religions or denominations. A spiritual way of life includes being grounded and connected and accepting of our powerlessness over others.

Establishing and Meeting Personal Goals

Hayley transitioned from a business career that included coaching, developing and guiding her team through skills development, career path, best practices for success, and self-awareness. She helps clients to identify a desired path and strategize to achieve their goals.

Prior to her work at The Imago Center, Hayley worked in management with national and local businesses.  Hayley completed a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. She has more than a decade of experience with 12 Step programs. Hayley and her husband have lived in DC off and on for the last 35 years. Between them, they have 5 adult kids.


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