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The Reverend Dr. Carl Siegel, Clinical Psychologist and an ordained Episcopal clergyman, joined the staff of PC&CC/The Imago Center in 1990. Dr. Siegel is the Executive Director of the Imago Center. Dr. Siegel specializes in Imago Relationship Therapy and dynamic approaches to individual, couples and group therapy to address anxiety, depression, marital and interpersonal problems and life- cycle changes. He has a particular depth of competence in addressing the psychological and emotional development of men.

Dr. Siegel has more than 20 years of experience in providing individual, couples, group, and family therapy to individuals from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. He is a highly credentialed therapist, workshop facilitator and clergyman. These credentials include certification as an Advanced Clinician in Imago Relationship Therapy and certification as a workshop presenter for the Getting The Love You Want workshop of Imago Relationships International. Dr. Siegel, along with Rebecca Sears, offer workshops several times a year.

Prior to his training as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Siegel served in parish ministry in the Episcopal church. He brings his experience and training from both vocations, as a clergyman and psychologist, to bear on the art of healing the soul and helping people to find more rewarding ways of working and living in relationship.

Dr. Siegel’s life is greatly enriched by his two sons. He also finds great joy in fly fishing, cruising on his motorcycle, and yoga.

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