RELATIONSHIP TIPS: Ego and Self-Esteem

Welcome to The Imago Center of Washington DC

The Pastoral Care and Consultation Center (PC & CC) presents The Imago Center of Washington DC to help couples and individuals realize their potential for love and commitment. Couples work together to strengthen communication, understanding and mutual affection with the guidance of a certified Imago therapist, and individuals learn how to find and maintain a connection that meets their unique needs. Imago relationship therapy and premarital counseling in Washington DC is available to any partners in all stages of their relationship.

Imago therapy focuses on each couple’s unique style of communication and gives you long-term skills to maintain your relationship in any situation. You will learn to resolve conflict and reach a power balance in a constructive way, mutually share desire and affection and translate your feelings into a language you both can react to.

Our certified therapists use principles of mediation, psychotherapy and positive mental health development to guide you and your loved one to a rich, fulfilling, strong relationship. To learn more about premarital counseling, couples counseling and more, contact us today.

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